a little about me

See those people in the photos??? That’s my tribe. They are the heart and soul of my business. I truly wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them.

Something changed when I became a mom. It ignited a fire within and has driven me to this soul fulfilling career. I’m truly blessed and I don’t take it for granted for one single moment. Giving birth to my two children is my greatest accomplishment and will always be my top priority.

I have a Business Finance degree and worked 12 years in the investment industry before making the jump to this creative field in 2009. A decision I don’t regret for one second, however, I am extremely grateful for that experience which laid the groundwork for launching this career.

As a child, my walls were constantly plastered with pictures torn out of magazines that were full of vibrant colors and the latest fashions. In fact, I decoupaged much of my furniture too with the pages of fashion magazines and catalogs. God love my parents for allowing me to ruin their walls and furniture!

Today, I’m still obsessed with colors and fashion and how that translates into a stylized image. My love of working with children probably stems from the fact that I still often feel like one. I’ve always had a big imagination and this has helped me relate well to my subjects. To me, the combination of personality and unique style is what creates a dynamite image.

There is nothing I enjoy more than bringing out a child’s true personality. My goal is to ensure your kids have a blast playing and posing in front of my camera and on my hand built sets and backdrops. I’m a firm believer that the kids need to have fun in order for me to capture their true personality. Because of all these reasons, my photography has evolved into a natural focus on newborns, babies and children. I look forward to meeting you and even more so having your kids come play at my studio!