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Ivy’s 5th “Trolls Party” Celebration!

Well Happy Friday! Since we are buried in snow here in the Northeast, I thought we could use a little color blast post since we are pretty much just seeing white here. As a follow up to Ivy’s birthday dedication, I decided to actually pick up a camera and photograph her birthday party. The “Trolls” theme bore from an obsession that happened this past Fall while we were on a little getaway to Littleton, NH. Upon visiting a couple local antique shops, I ran across some of toy trolls that had been a staple from my childhood. You know, those creepy, cute little guys with the wild hair from the 1980s! It had been years since I saw them and thought they would make an excellent addition in the new studio. 100 trolls later after a couple accidentally eBay auction wins, they are now employed throughout the studio. My kids have grown equally as fond of them. So when I proposed the idea to Ivy as the theme of her 5th birthday, she was happily on board. Then it just so happened that one of my favorite blogs, Oh Happy Day, did a post on a Modern Trolls Party so it seemed like fate hosting this theme!

I had too much fun putting together all these ideas but of course, a feat like this is never accomplished alone. I am hugely indebted to my friend, Trina, who suffered with me countless failed attempts I had for backdrop ideas and we so wished we photographed them along the way. There was a lot of laughter, a few tears and a lot of screams from the countless balloons popping in our faces. At the end of the day, it came out better than I could have hoped.

I have assembled the various sources and credits below for those interested in the details. Ivy had such a memorable day and we were so fortunate to share with many of her friends and family. Below are some highlights from her party.

Credits and sources:
Rainbow cake, cupcakes and amazing Troll cookies by the fabulous Giana of A Cake Storey
Entertainment, including face painting, balloon twisting, games and performances by the fantastic Party Palooga
Balloons (linked banners and colorful wall balloons), rainbow plates, table confetti, table cloths: Oh Happy Day Party Shop
Vintage trolls: eBay
Troll wigs: Partycity
White party stools: Ikea
Favor buckets and fillings: Oriental Trading
Rainbow sparkling juices: Amazon
Ivy’s Striped Socks and Headband: Hanna Andersson
Ivy’s Rainbow Dress: Chloe
Amazing Yellow Chair: on loan from the equally amazing Erin Flett
Party Invite: Paperless Post

This is 5, Ivy’s Birthday Dedication

This is 5.

It’s Monday morning and she comes running into my bedroom and says “guess what Mommy?, There are only 5 more days until my birthday” And “Guess What? I made my bed, opened my curtains, shut off my xmas tree and got myself dressed” (beaming with pride as she holds my hand bringing me to her room to show me her achievements). I notice all her snuggle blankets are also folded at the end of her bed and everything is picked up off the floor. My heart explodes but even more so in seeing the pride she feels for herself.

This is it. My final baby who is taking that huge step towards independence and leaving toddlerhood. It seems only fitting that I am writing this only moments after filling out her kindergarten registration. This is as much a leap for her as it is for me. Last year, we did a huge rainbow photo shoot (link here: and it turned out to be my most favorite shoot of all time. This year we are keeping it simple. I wanted to focus a little more on giving her a special party with her friends, some of which she will be parting ways with as she starts public school in the Fall.

These dedications serve as a reflection. Reflecting on each year is something that is important to me and hopefully to her as well when she looks back on these one day. I make albums out of these posts and shoots and have been doing so since she was born. Lord knows I can barely remember what happened last week so it helps to put into words what the past year has meant.

So without further ado, this is my dedication to Ivy at year 5.

5 is a lot more compliant than 4. Although I guess it depends on the day because you still give me a good challenge on a daily basis. Headstrong and witty are the two characteristics that pop into my head when I think of you. Over a two minute span you can have me in a complete rage to moments later on the floor laughing. You’re good, like really good. You clearly how to push buttons to your benefit.
We still haven’t made much headway into the food game. Another year down and mac and cheese still reigns as king and peanut and jelly stay firm at the top. As much as we try to expand your taste, you run the show in this field even if it means not eating at all and going to bed. You are a creature of habit and are completely content with your limited choices.

You’re dramatic and theatrical as anything! A budding actress when you want to be and have mastered the art of imitation. You excel at mocking and have nailed my tone. Lord knows what this means when you become a teenager! One of my proudest moments over the past year was watching you take the stage in your first dance recital. It took you a little while to warm up in the weekly class so I was a little leary about you actually being able to perform on a large stage in front of a huge crowd. I will never forget watching you come out and how nervous I was for you! When you took the stage and performed with utmost confidence, I cried like a baby. I was so proud knowing how far you had come.

Cautious and conservative, you’re reserved at offering a friendly smile and hello if you don’t know the person well. At times I find myself offering excuses (like “oh she’s just shy”) but I am learning to appreciate your refined approach. Once the barrier is broken down, you cherish your friendships and passionately give yourself.

You are imaginative and playful. You can spend hours playing with your dolls and animals, setting up pretend worlds. You love to draw and color and know how to write most all the letters in the alphabet. You have a photographic memory at times, remembering details I completely lost moments later (like the exact outfits your doctor has worn the last three times you saw him down to the coral shirt and bowtie!). I look forward to seeing how this plays out in public school.

You’re a beauty and grow more so with each passing day. Your gorgeous long eyelashes frame your dark brown eyes and sun kissed hair. You are a girly girl down to the core. You still obsesses over lipstick and makeup which I use as currency when I need you to get something done. We have cut back on the number of outfits you change into on a daily basis and your sense of style is really coming together nicely. However, you still throw me for a loop occasionally like last week when you came down in rainbow pants, the ugly xmas sweater shirt and santa socks. I can’t help but encourage it as I don’t want to temper your creativity.

If asked, your brother is your best friend. Brodie and Winnie are close seconds. And your daddy is your most “specialness”. He is who you call to lay down with you at night and when you are sick. You carry a deep love for all these beings in your life.

I cherish our special Wednesdays together and will miss them dearly once you are in school next year. Even if most of the time we are either running errands or working in the studio, there is no better sidekick than you! I love having you by my side as we have so much fun no matter what we are doing!

I am so proud of the girl you already are and are becoming. It is bittersweet to leave toddlerhood behind and watch your independence grow. Knowing how fast these past 5 years have flown, it is scary to know that this next stage is prepared to pass even faster.

I feel so blessed to share this life with you as my daughter. Thank you for another year of learning and loving something so much greater than myself. You and your brother truly are the best parts of it.

Wishing the happiest of 5th birthdays to my most special girl!

Love, Mom

The Rainbow Sports Shoot, Kevin’s 6th Birthday Dedication

kevin bday blog

The Rainbow Sports Shoot, Kevin’s 6th Birthday Dedication

I’m a little late in posting both my children’s birthday dedications but it’s better late than never because they are one of the most important sessions I shoot each year. Kevin hit the Big “6” on April 12 and it just seems life gets busier the older he gets. Thus, why it is even more important to take some time to reflect on the past year. Keeping with tradition, the letter below serves as my reflection of Kevin at age 6.

Dear Kevin,

This past year has brought many milestones; the greatest being the leap into kindergarten and a move into a new home. Like most new experiences, you greeted it with little hesitation. We moved the same week you started school. What might have caused understandable stress was handled with the same “go with the flow” attitude you portray with many new experiences. There is no question, it was much harder for me to watch you board that bus for the first time then it was for you to climb those steps. I couldn’t be prouder of the person you are becoming.

This year, I asked you what you wanted to do for your annual birthday shoot. Now that you are 6, you have a good handle on your likes and dislikes so I wanted you to have some input into this. Having watched the completion of your sister’s rainbow shoot (Click here to view), you stated you wanted to do a rainbow shoot too. But with a twist. You were eager to throw out the idea of a sports theme shoot with jerseys to match the colors of the rainbow. Pretty perfect considering how much you cherish all your sports gear and your increasing obsession with all things sports. I loved it. But I do think you secretly used it as an excuse for me to purchase all your favorite team jerseys.

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed spending this time with you one on one and capturing year 6 behind the camera. What follows is my dedication to the list of traits that is all you at this age. The little snippets that warm my heart that I never want to forget as I learn what it means to be your mom. These are the gifts you give to me, the true beauty of sharing a life with a greater part of myself.


Red: Boston Red Sox. Dedicated to your love of all things sports of course! You saw your first Red Sox game in person last Spring. A wonderful memory your father and I shared with you. This past year has been spent running around between baseball, football and basketball practices and games. It has officially started and you couldn’t be happier. You are already a standout and one of the fastest players I have seen at your age. Your teacher has even commented on your passion at recess. And it’s not just that you love to play, you love to practice. By choice, you will spend hours shooting hoops, playing catch, hitting pitches, running passes any chance you get. Your father is always your favorite teammate.


Orange: Miami Hurricanes. Dedicated to your focus and determination. You are intense. Whether it is assembling legos, practicing sports, playing games or making your bed, you strive to be a perfectionist. You hate losing. Card games are fun when the full on melt down ensues after the last Uno card is placed and it’s not yours. However, as focused and determined you may be; you also clearly enjoy being silly and love to pull a good prank.


Yellow: Kyle Busch-Nascar. Dedicated to your love of all those special toys. You are such a boy! Cars, trains, planes, legos, you name it! You love your collections and can spend hours with them. You are not a child that needs to be entertained. Legos and Star Wars, in particular, have been a large draw this year. It amazes me as to your determination in completing these sets and following the movies. Legos have taken over half the kitchen and you are learning the importance of keeping them up off the floor when batman went missing thanks to our new puppy, Winnie. You sleep with 7 blankets (Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, Paw Patrol, School, Ball and most importantly, Polka blankie) and you have to be completely under the covers (or as you call it “in the cave”) inorder to fall asleep.


Green: Boston Celtics. Dedicated to your eating choices and patterns, which have definitely expanded and retracted this past year. Hamburgers continue their reign as the first place choice while you now completely detest milk, cheese and yogurt. School has brought the option of hot lunch but this is only acceptable on pizza, hamburger and pancake days. Peanut butter and jelly usually wins out most days. You love to eat out and would probably choose Maddens, the Irish Pub down the road, as your favorite place to go. The burgers and the music can’t be beat.


Blue: New England Patriots. Dedicated to you gorgeous blue eyes and infectious smile. That smile will open more doors for you than you know. You have a positive energy and enthusiastic sense towards life. Despite a quieter manner, you are anything but shy. You always have a story to tell and this year in particular asked a lot of “why” questions. You are expanding by leaps and bounds and can now read short stories. I am blown away at how much smarter you have gotten over this past year. Equally important, you are a good friend and understand playing fair, even if this means sharing a new lego set with your sister. You play so well together and even as your social world expands, she truly is your best friend.


Black: Boston Bruins. Dedicated to your idea of fashionable. I could spend hours and thousands on the cutest clothes for you only to have your idea of dressed up include Nike windpants and a sports jersey. I realize I shot myself in the foot with this shoot because literally everyday since taking these pictures; you have worn one of these jerseys. On the rare chance you have to dress up, that means jeans and a button down shirt that will only stay on your body for the time of the intended purpose. You want comfy and clearly am not happy with anything else. I don’t fight it anymore, as I know how excited you get to wear your favorite teams.




6black6Happy 6th birthday to a boy who is all of the above and a whole lot more. I have so loved witnessing these milestones over the past year. I am looking forward to seeing what this next year brings and hoping it doesn’t pass too quickly.

With Much Love Always,

Maine Newborn Dog Photographer, Winnie The Pooch

Maine Newborn Dog Photographer

I know. I couldn’t resist. When this beautiful surprise became part of our family last week, we all fell so in love immediately. Winnie the Wonderdog, Winnie the Pooch, Miss Winnie and just plan Winnie the kids coined the name and it’s stuck ever since. It’s seems only fitting being a newborn and child photographer, that I give Miss Winnie her own little newborn session. And of course, an attempt to capture all her siblings with her as well. Yes it was a workout. Yes I had help (my amazing assistant Shawna who can now add dog wrangler to her long list of talents). And yes I’m so glad I did it because I know in just a few short weeks she will look so very different.

Miss Winnie is the offspring of two very talented goldens. Mom is the beautiful Lucy out of Cambridge, MA and dad is the handsome Mystic out of PoeticGold Farms here in Falmouth. We are honored to have Winnie join our family and add to our golden family. Brodie, our 7 year old Golden, is still a little uncertain of this little one that loves to chase him around and bite his ears but I think she’s starting to grow on him. I can’t wait for all the new adventures with this little one. We love her so much already. Here she is at 8 weeks old:

golden retriever-001golden retriever-002golden retriever-003golden retriever-004golden retriever-005golden retriever-006golden retriever-007golden retriever-008golden retriever-009golden retriever-010golden retriever-020golden retriever-011golden retriever-012golden retriever-013golden retriever-014golden retriever-016golden retriever-017golden retriever-018golden retriever-019golden retriever-015


The Rainbow Shoot, Ivy’s 4th Birthday Dedication


The Rainbow Shoot

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from everyday life. And lucky for me, I think I have stumbled upon one of the greatest muses of all time, my daughter Ivy. She truly is every color of the rainbow with a personality just as red hot as it is icy blue. She can be my greatest source of laughter one second and extreme frustration the next. There is no doubt she has big things in store for this world.

Every year for my children’s birthdays, I bring them in the studio to shoot and write a letter to them in an attempt to capture who they are at each age. I have an album made of the shoot and letter and it’s been a great way for me to record their personalities and milestones each year. Even though it usually involves a tremendous effort in studio (as many photographers can attest, shooting your own kids can be TOUGH work!) I love taking the time to focus on them (my most important clients) and reflecting on their lives (our lives) for a little while.

This year the inspiration really came to a boil around Christmas when, for the first time, Ivy finally got over her fear of Santa. Every time she sat on his lap, she was sure to fire away that the most important gift she wanted was lipstick. So he did not disappoint on Christmas morning when she unwrapped a gift of 12 lipsticks featuring each possible color in the rainbow. It was only until later in the day when the clean up began did we find her quietly sitting and playing, that we happened upon this…


She was obviously pretty proud of her application and despite the miserable feat of removing it off her face, her obsession inspired a shoot perfect for who she is at this moment in time.

What follows below is my dedication to my daughter’s rainbow of a personality as she turns four. This has not only been my most favorite themed shoot of all time but one of the most fun experiences I have shared with my daughter. Usually once a week for the last two months we have spent putting together, styling and shooting each color. And she had equal input as to what was used in each shoot to highlight her likes. Broken down by color, this is her dedication at age 4:

Pink: Dedicated to your love of make up and in particular lipsticks. Not a day goes by that there isn’t one found within an arm’s reach of wherever you are. And on many occasions, often found snuck into your pockets on the way to school. I understand it’s normal for little girls to want to play with makeup but you have taken this interest to a whole new level. However, we have also used it to our advantage as bribery payment for those things you will not do on your free will.

pink1pink2pinkrevpink3pink5pink7pink8Red: Dedicated to your firecracker personality. Full of spunk and silliness. And the way you like to cross your eyes on purpose to drive me crazy! Your sense of humor is always right on. You are quick with wit and comebacks already. And you love to sing and dance! Listening to you belt out Adele and Taylor Swift in the back seat makes me proud!

redrevred3red4red5red6red7Orange: Dedicated to your keen sense of fashion. Like the make up obsession, this too started at a young age and has broaden in range. Your knocks have been screwed back on your dresser but your daily outfit changes still keep up a solid pace. You actually have developed a strong sense of style. Your outfit of choice would be a princess dress and sneakers. You know how to combine dressy and casual in a very hip way. Sparkle and practicality at its finest.

orange1orange2orange3orange4orange5orange6orange7orange8orange9Yellow: Dedicated to your independence (or stubbornness) and your compassion. If it’s not your idea then you prefer not to have anything to do with it. You march to the beat of your own drum. Equally as strong is your compassion for others and animals. You love babies and were the first to hold your newborn niece. Your Brodie dog is still your best friend. And your Kevin is always your #1 no matter how many times a day you have to be separated.

yellow1yellow2yellow3yellow4yellow5yellow6yellow7yellow8Green: Dedicated to the only vegetables you will actually touch. Carrots seem to be a recent addition so I’m crossing my fingers a third is in the works. You are a fussy eater beyond words. Mac and cheese and pancakes are the reigning dinner champs while lunch continues a solid trend of peanut butter and jelly. Sweets of any type prevail and you continue to be sneaky in your consumption of these. Also dedicated to your two little braids or as you refer to them “Anna Braids”. One of the few ways of wearing your hair to prevent the dreaded “rats nests”. I can confidently say that brushing out your hair is one of my hardest and most dreaded tasks.

green1green2green3green4green6green7green8green9green5Blue: Dedicated to your sense of adventure and your tireless energy. You are fearless and often the leader in any event. Consequences don’t concern you unless it involves losing your lipsticks. You don’t like being told no and usually push the envelope to the point of my almost mental breakdowns. Let’s pray these strong characteristics turn into impressive leadership skills.

blue1blue2blue3blue4blue5blue6blue7Purple: Dedicated to your sass. From the tips of your fingers, right down to your toes. You are 4 going on 14 without question. And that poker face that is quick to pout to only burst into a laugh two seconds later. You are theatrical and can play the part. You make it very hard to punish you without laughing.


Happy 4th birthday to my rainbow girl; my pot of gold with so much color to share with this world. May your colors continue to shine just as bright as they have over these past four years! Love, Mom

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