Paint by Numbers, a Matilda Jane Clothing Fall 2013 Review

Matilda Jane Clothing, Paint by Numbers, Fall 2013 Collection

I received the honor of reviewing several pieces from Matilda Jane Clothing’s latest collection, Paint by Numbers. It goes without saying that I am a HUGE fan of their clothing! I have hosted two stylized mini sessions over the past year (which have been big hits) and my studio wardrobe grows larger by the day with pieces from this brand. Not too long ago, I had never heard of this brand and the loyalty that comes with it. Matilda Jane Clothing is still not widely known in the upper Northeast but that is going to change. The good news is Maine just got their first trunk keeper (as clothes can only be purchased through this venue) and the brand is becoming more recognizable. As Matilda Jane grows across the U.S., as does its cult following. And it’s easy to see why. Hot pieces in collections often sell out within minutes of release, making the clothing even more desirable. I was sold the first moment their fancy package arrived in the mail. The attention to detail both inside and outside the box is par to none, making you feel like there is something very special about wearing these clothes.

I do want to talk a little about their latest release since they were so kind to send this adorable outfit for me to review. I dragged my Ivy into the studio this morning to do some modeling. She’s a good sport since she knows I am relentless with my camera and always fussing with her hair and clothes. 19 Month olds aren’t quite into the whole modeling thing yet 😉

She’s wearing three pieces from the Paint by Numbers Fall 2013 collection. The first is the Turtle Dove Knot Top. If you are new to Matilda Jane, a knot top should be your stable purchase in any collection. It’s adjustable in the straps (thus the knot tie) and has ties around the waist. This makes any knot top worth the investment as it can be worn through several ages. I have these in studio and have put a size 2 on a 12 month old to a 6 year old! Again, one of the reasons I love these clothes so much! And I absolutely love this Turtle Dove Knot Top! From the denim touches to the varied floral prints and rich autumn colors, this piece makes layering a cinch.

Underneath, the Sky View Puffer Tee brings in a splash of pink and whimsical design that plays true to the brand.  The puffy cuffs add the right amount of flare while keeping the shirt fun and playful. Paired with some stripped leggings sporting the signature bottom ruffles (Gleam Leggings), the pieces are tied together perfectly. But then again, the mix and match-ability of any pieces in a collection is what makes this brand so great! It’s the kind of clothes you encourage your kids to have a say in what they’re wearing without cringing about what they come up with. Win win!

My general impression of the Fall collection, Paint by Numbers, is that it definitely carries a “hippy and whimsical” flare that ties in rich Fall colors and prints keeping it unique, impressionable, and fun. Having the honor of using the first release in my recent mini sessions (pictures forthcoming), I can say that to really appreciate the clothes, you need to see them in person. Put it this way, I’ve put three orders in since then and I’m not done! hahah These clothes are special and worth getting to know. I’m so happy they have made their way to Maine. Take the time to check them out, you won’t regret it! …or maybe you will 😉  Their website is here:

And here’s Ivy modeling the above three referenced pieces. This girl has so many faces, she cracks me up! Oh and she loves sporting this fun, unique, cheeky brand…I think it suits her personality perfectly 😉

CHECK IT OUT: You can purchase items from the Paint by Numbers Collection by visiting!

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